We agree that our current homepage could do a better job of illustrating the sets of metrics Simplecast offers, but we've set up a whole new analytics system in the next version of Simplecast coming this Summer (along with a sweet new API).

For now, here's a full breakdown of what analytics you get with Simplecast.

📊  Mapped City-Level Data (In Beta)

📊  Total downloads today

📊  Total downloads this week

📊  Total downloads last week

📊  % change in downloads this week vs. last

📊  Overall downloads, viewed by:

        • 3 Weeks
        • 12 Months
        • All Time
        • Custom Range

📊  Per Episode downloads, viewed by:

        • 3 Weeks
        • 12 Months
        • All Time
        • Custom Range

📊  First Week Total Downloads for 10 most recent Episodes

📊  All time top ten Episodes, by total downloads

📊  Listener Locations by country

📊  Listening Methods (iOS, Browser, Overcast, etc)

📊  Breakout of app plays vs. web plays vs. other

📊  Full Device data: Browser, OS, app

🎉 👉 New Metrics Endpoints with Analytics 2.0 release 👈 🎉

  • Per episode analytics: Location, listening method, etc
  • Deeper geolocation: IP lookup, city, state, region
  • Filter by type of consumption (Stitcher, browser, etc), versus force listing all
  • Deep metrics on Simplecast's audio player: % completed, skipping, playback speed, etc

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