Once you have your show notes and audio file ready, it's easy to publish a new podcast episode with Simplecast.

To get started, click the "New Episode" button in the top right side of your dashboard.

Next, you'll fill in the required details for your episode using the sections on the left side of your screen. 

1. Audio File & Content 

Upload your episode's audio file (96 or 128kbps Mono or Stereo MP3 files are recommended).

Check the Explicit language box if your episode contains explicit langage or adult themes.

2. Episode Details

Enter your episode number and title, then choose the episode type (Full, Trailer, or Bonus).

  • Specify 'Full' for when you are submitting the complete content of a show. 
  • Use 'Trailer' when you are submitting a short, promotional piece of content that represents a preview of a show. 
  • 'Bonus' is for submitting extra content for a show (for example, behind the scenes information or interviews with the cast).

If you'd like the episode to be private (not included in your public RSS feed), click the Private (Hide from RSS) button.

3. Episode Summary & Notes

Fill in the epsiode summary and full description (episode notes) for the episode.

Your episode summary should be plain text, but your show notes (full description) can contain bold and italic text, links, quotes, and bulleted or numbered lists.

Simplecast supports Markdown, but you can paste in or write plain text and then format that text with the Markdown toolbar.

If you're interested in learning more about Markdown or if you'd like a reusable episode notes template, click here.

4. Episode Metadata

Enter the names of the contributors to the episode and any relevant search keywords. 

You can also enter an alternative episode URL, if you'd like the episode to link to a page on your own website instead of the episode page Simplecast provides automatically for every episode.

5. Episode Artwork

Simplecast will use your show artwork by default, but you do have the option to upload custom square artwork for the episode.

Episode artwork is supported by many podcast apps and directories and will also be displayed on your Simplecast website and in your embed players.

6. Recast Settings 

Upload custom Recast artwork for your episode and choose a color for the border. 

If no custom artwork is added, Recast will show your episode artwork (or your show artwork if no episode artwork was uploaded). 

*   *   * 

That's it! If all of the information you entered looks right, you can save your episode by clicking the Save Draft button in the top right side of your screen above your episode preview.

Once you've saved your episode draft, you'll have the option to publish the episode right away, or schedule it to publish at a future time.

You'll also get access to the episode sharing links, embed players, Recast, and the direct MP3 download link from this page.

 *   *   *

Still have questions? We'd be happy to answer them. You can start a live chat with someone from our team by clicking on the chat icon down there on the right.

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