It's easy to import your existing show into Simplecast.

1. Start the Import

Search for your show in the import tool, or paste in your show's existing RSS feed URL. You'll need to click a box to confirm that you are the owner of the show and/or you have the right to import it to Simplecast.

Next, check the email address that's set as the owner email address in your RSS feed.

You should see a verification email with a link in it: Click the verification link, this will start the import.

Can't find your show's RSS feed? You can search for it here. 

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2. Add a 301 Redirect to Your Old RSS Feed

Once you've completed the import process and ready to leave your existing host and start publishing new episodes on Simplecast, the next step is to create a 301 redirect in the old RSS feed. You will complete this step where your old podcast RSS feed was created.

The 301 redirect is a change of address for your podcast and is required to keep your current subscribers. The 301 redirect will permanently forward your old rss feed to your new Simplecast RSS feed.

The process for adding a 301 redirect to a feed is a little different for each podcast host, but your previous host should be able to assist you (either via support or a tutorial). In most cases all you need to do is paste your new Simplecast RSS feed into the redirect field.

Here are a few helpful examples:

Note: You may see a recommendation that you add a <iTunes-new-feed> tag to your show's RSS feed after you move hosts. Simplecast automatically takes care of that when you import the show, so you're good to go.

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3. Optional - Update the Podcast Directories

After your show has imported successfully, you can update the podcast directories to check your show's new Simplecast RSS feed instead of the previous feed. What is an RSS feed?

For Apple Podcasts, log in to, make sure you're in the My Podcasts section, click on your show's artwork, then paste in your new RSS feed URL to replace the previous one.

I put together a list of links and instructions for how to update the other podcast directories here.

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