Please note that once you confirm the deletion of your podcast show, you and Simplecast cannot undo this action! The podcast details, audio files, analytics, and RSS feed will be completely purged from our database and servers. It is best to review this entire article before deleting a podcast from your account.

Redirecting Your Podcast RSS

If you are moving your show to another host, be sure to create a redirect first by clicking the Distribution Settings from the dropdown menu on the top left corner:

Then paste in the new RSS feed URL for your show under the RSS FEED REDIRECT field. Select SAVE on the top right corner to complete this redirect. We recommend leaving your account active until after you've published a few episodes in the new feed.

Backup Your Podcast Content

You should also download audio episode files or episode notes you'd like to keep before you confirm deletion. Once you click to confirm deletion, there is no way for us to access or restore anything related to your show.

How to Delete a Podcast

If you'd like to permanently delete your show, select Show Settings from the dropdown menu on the top left corner:

Scroll down and select Delete Show. Then select DELETE "YOUR PODCAST NAME." The button below will take you through the deletion process. You will have the opportunity to change your mind up until you confirm at the end.

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