1. Can I publish my Simplecast podcast episodes directly to my Wordpress website?
  2. Is there a Simplecast Wordpress Plugin?
  3. How do I get my episodes on my Wordpress website?


  1. Publish. It is not currently possible to publish your Simplecast episodes directly to your Wordpress website. We do have a robust API if you want to develop your own integration.
  2. Plugins. There is no official Simplecast Wordpress plugin, but you can use 3rd party plugins such Simcast, developed by a Simplecast community member that was built to connect Simplecast and Wordpress.
    Note: Simplecast has no affiliation with this plugin.
  3. Embed Players. We are continually working to create one of the most flexible and embeddable audio players, which will allow you to put your Simplecast episodes on any Wordpress website and any place podcasts may live.

To learn more about our embed players, click here.


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