What is Recast?

Recast is a social sharing and discovery tool we've created to make it incredibly easy for you to create short audio clips with a striking visual component to share on social media, blogs, and even messaging services like iMessage and Slack. 

How to Make a Recast Video

Once you've added an episode in your Simplecast account, you'll have the option to launch the Recast editor and create a Recast video for it. Follow the steps below to learn how to customize and create your Recast.

1. How to Add Custom Artwork and Customize the Border Color

You'll see the option to add custom artwork and choose the border color for your Recast clip during the episode creation process:

Note: The custom artwork for your Recast should be 1200x855 pixels in JPG or PNG format.

2. How to Launch the Recast Editor

Once you've saved your episode, you'll be able to launch the Recast editor from the episode overview page. Look for the Recast Generator button in the Web Players & Recast section:

Once you launch the Recast editor, choose the snippet of audio you'd like to include in the clip, then click the Recast & Share button to generate the Recast.

That's it! You can now download your Recast video and use it to promote your episode.

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Q: Where can I share my Recast video clip?

Once you've created a Recast video, you can share it anywhere you can upload a square video file, including Facebook, Instagram, Twitter, iMessage, and many other places.

Q: When sharing a Recast clip, should I include a description of my episode and a link to it as well?

Yes! You should definitely share what you think is interesting or noteworthy about the episode, along with a link to where people can find the full episode if they're interested. 

Q: Can my listeners also create Recasts?

Yes! Your listeners can launch the Recast editor from any of your Simplecast embedable audio players, or from your show's Simplecast site.

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