Spotify for Podcasters

To submit your show to Spotify, you will first need to log into Spotify's Podcasters Portal. We recommend creating a new account for your podcast(s) versus linking to a personal account.

Once you've entered your account, you will proceed through their Getting Started button to agree to their Terms and Conditions. You can now submit directly to Spotify following these steps:

  1. Add your Podcast RSS Feed URL
  2. Share information about your podcast (e.g., Language, Hosting Provider, and Podcast Categories)
  3. Review details and submit!

It will take a couple of hours for your podcast to be reviewed and submitted. Once logged into your account, you will be able to view your Spotify audience through this portal.

Spotify Podcast Analytics

While Spotify is developing their new API, our team is working closely with them to integrate it with your all-new Simplecast audience dashboard.  For now, you can access your Spotify analytics by creating an account on Spotify for Podcasters.

How to Access Spotify Analytics for step-by-step instructions

Feed Issues on Spotify

If your podcast is not updating correctly on Spotify, you'll need to contact their helpful support team

How to Update Your Show's RSS Feed in Spotify for more information

ℹ️ Did You Know?

Spotify allows you to share your podcast directly into your Instagram Stories! Watch this short tutorial to learn how:

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