The all-new Simplecast includes a powerful analytics engine that can give you valuable insights into your audience. Here are the various analytics features available to shows on Simplecast.

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The Overview Page 

All Simplecast plans get access to the analytics provided in the show's Overview page, which includes: 

Show & 5 Latest Episode Reports

Downloads Over Time

Top Episodes & Top Listening Methods

Popular Time of Day

Downloads by Location (Interactive Listener Heatmap)

Top Countries

Unique Listeners

Unique Listeners counts the individual listener devices which download or stream your show. Learn more about this metric by clicking here.

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The Audience Page

Essential and Growth plans also have access to advanced analytics and reports in the Audience page, which includes: 


Show Downloads (Over Time or Accumulative)

All downloads or plays made through your show's RSS feed, embed players, or website. View stats by hour, day, week, or month.

Episode Downloads (Over Time or Accumulative)

See a graph and list of downloads for up to 5 episodes by hour, day, week, or month.

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Interactive Map

Fully interactive, zoom-able, scroll-able map. See where your listeners are located, from country all the way down to city-level.

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Web Players

See where people are sharing your embed players: Coming soon!

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Devices (Devices or Device Type)

Networks (Providers or Network Type)

Listening Methods (Apps, OS, or Browsers)

Unique Listeners

Learn more about unique listeners for episodes and comparing episodes in your Audience page by clicking here.

More analytics coming soon! 

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