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How To Add Another Show To Your Account
How To Add Another Show To Your Account

How To Add New Shows & Switch Between Them

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Can I add more than one show to my Simplecast account?

Yes, it is very easy to add new shows and switch between them, but adding a new show or podcast will increase your subscription billing rate.

📌 'Show' means the same thing as a 'Podcast'. 'Episodes' are unlimited and what you create for each show or podcast.

How To Add A New Show:

  1. Click CREATE NEW SHOW in the upper lefthand corner dropdown menu

  2. Click IMPORT EXISTING SHOW if you have another  RSS Feed

  3. Click START FROM SCRATCH to add a brand new show to your Simplecast account

How To Switch Between Shows

  1. Click on the arrow in the upper lefthand corner to open the dropdown menu

  2. Click on a SHOW NAME from the menu or,

  3. Click VIEW ALL SHOWS and select the show you want

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