Custom Domain URL & RSS Feed URL

Will using a custom domain name change or affect my RSS Feed URL?

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Custom Domains & RSS Feeds

If I want to use a custom domain name instead of my Simplecast website address, will my RSS Feed URL change?

The answer is:
No. Adding a custom domain name will not affect your RSS Feed URL.

Simplecast allows you to use your own custom domain URL that you can share with your audience to drive traffic to your Simplecast website. 

For Example:
Just The Beginning (Kickstarter) podcast uses a custom domain name for their Simplecast website, but their RSS Feed did was not affected or changed:

Just The Beginning (Kickstarter) Custom Domain Name URL:

Just The Beginning (Kickstarter) RSS Feed URL remains:


Custom Domain Names located in 'Site Settings & Design' settings

RSS Feed located in 'Show Distribution' settings

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