This article is going to show you how to submit your show to Apple Podcasts Connect and get listed in the Apple iTunes Store and share your podcast with the world. 

Apple Podcasts/iTunes Connect:

The Checklist (Details Below):

  1. Fill out 'Show Settings' completely in your Simplecast dashboard
  2. Publish at least one podcast episode
  3. Enter your billing information to access and copy your RSS Feed URL
  4. Sign in to Apple Podcasts Connect with Apple ID/Password or create a new one for your podcast (recommended)
  5. Paste RSS Feed URL
  6. Validate RSS Feed & Submit (fix any errors before re-submitting)
  7. Wait for Apple Approval Email (24 hrs - 5 businesses days)
  8. Congratulations. You are a podcaster!


How To Submit Your Podcast to Apple Podcasts

Part 1: Tasks to Complete Before You Submit Your Show

  1. Show Settings: Fill in all of the fields as best you can (Title, Description, Show Artwork, Format, Publishing Time Zone, Language, Categories, Author Information Email, etc). This is the main digital metadata about your show and is in the top section of your RSS Feed. This information is what is displayed when people view your show in podcast directories such as Apple Podcasts.
  2. Publish One Episode: You must publish at least one episode before you can submit your RSS Feed to Apple Podcasts. You might consider publishing a Trailer or 'About This Podcast' episode to get started and get people excited about your show. 
  3. RSS Feed: You must activate your RSS Feed by filling in your billing information in Billing & Subscription Settings (you will not be billed until the end of your trial period). Your RSS Feed URL is located in 'Podcast Distribution Settings' and the RSS Feed URL is what you will copy and submit to Apple Podcasts Connect . 
Show Settings Helpful Tips:
1. Title: Enter show name only. Avoid descriptions, tag-lines.
2. Artwork: Keep artwork under 500kb, 3000 x 3000 px, jpeg
3. Author Tag: Enter name of host/co-host only. No descriptions.
4. Tags: Use relevant keywords and use a moderate amount.
5. Email: Enter email address so listeners can contact you.

Apple Podcast Best Practices:

Part 2:  How To Submit Your Show To Apple Podcasts/iTunes Store

  1. Copy your RSS Feed URL to your clipboard (cmd/ctrl + c)
  2. Click this link Apple Podcasts Connect (Bookmark the link in your web browser as this is your Apple podcast portal where you will manage any show you submit to Apple Podcasts).
  3. Sign in with an existing Apple ID & Password or create a new Apple ID.
    If you are working on a team, or don't have an Apple ID yet, we recommend creating a unique Apple ID for your podcast. You can
    create a new one here.
  4. After you log in, click the "+" icon in the top-left corner of the screen. 
  5. Paste your RSS Feed URL (cmd/ctrl + v) into the URL field.
  6. Click 'Validate'. If Apple says the feed is valid, click Submit.
    If your RSS feed URL does not validate you must fix the errors and try again. Your feed might be missing some information such as a valid email address (check Show Settings), verify your show artwork is a square jpeg sized at a minimum of 1400 x 1400 px, and you must have at least one published episode or you will get a validation error message.
  7. Click Submit and you will get a notification and an email from Apple letting you know that your show is in the approval process. The approval process can take anywhere from 24 hours to 5 business days.
  8. Once approved, you will receive an Approval email from Apple with a link to your show in the Apple iTunes Store.
  9. Congratulations! Your show is now live in Apple Podcasts and the iTunes Store.
  10. You can now submit your podcasts to the other major podcast directories.
  11. If you have any questions about your podcast on Apple Podcasts, you can email Apple Support.

Apple Podcasts Links & Resources:

Apple Podcasts/iTunes Connect Podcast Portal

Apple Podcasts Connect Help & Resources

If you have any questions about your podcast on Apple Podcasts, please contact apple here.

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