How To Add Team Members 

This article will show you how to add team members to your Simplecast account and explain the permissions that can be assigned to each team member. Team Members are able to access and help manage your show.

ℹ️ After migrating from 1.0 Simplecast, you will need to re-invite and Team Members to your new 2.0 Simplecast dashboard. 

Team Members Permissions:

Analytics can only see your show's Audience analytics.
Managers can additionally view, add and edit episodes.
Admins can do everything you (the Show Owner) can do, but they won't be able to manage your billing, or delete your show or account.

1. How To Add Team Members:

  1. Click on drop-down menu next to your show name.

  2. Select Team Members (or, select in Settings left sidebar)

  3. Choose Permission Level (Analytics, Manager, Admin)

  4. Enter Email Address

  5. Click Invite

  6. Click Send

2.  How To Change Permissions of Team Members:

  1. In 'Members' section, locate team member 

  2. Click on the new permission to assign:  'Analytics, Manager. Admin' 

  3. Click on 'Save' in the upper right corner

3. How To Remove Team Members:

  1. In 'Members' section, locate team member 

  2. Click on the 'X' next to name

  3. In the 'Delete' warning dialog box,  click 'Submit' or 'Cancel' to exit. 

4. The Invite Email (How team members accept invitation)

  1. Invited Team Member will receive an invitation from Simplecast

  2. In the email there is a link that says 'Click to Accept'

  3. This opens up a login screen that states 'You've been invited to manage [your show].  Please log in to accept the invitation.'

  4. Login or Signup

Need To Add More Team Members?

  1. Upgrade your Account in Billing to add more team members if you've reached your limit. 

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Team Member FAQ

Q: If I am an Admin on a Show, if I create a new show, then who owns that show?

A: At this time that show would be added to the Manager’s personal Simplecast account and its billing.

Q: Are Team Members account based or show based?

A: Team members are added to shows. User accounts can be added as team members using email address as the identifier to a show.


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