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Will Apple Podcasts Remove My Show if I Delete My Simplecast Account?
Will Apple Podcasts Remove My Show if I Delete My Simplecast Account?

Closing your Simplecast account or deleting your show? Here's what you need to know.

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Will my show be removed from Apple Podcasts if I cancel my Simplecast account or delete my show in my Simplecast dashboard? 

Answer: If you delete your show or cancel your Simplecast account without transferring your show to a new hosting company and without setting up a 301 Redirect to forward your Simplecast RSS Feed to your new RSS Feed, then the answer is yes, your show will be removed from Apple Podcasts and all other directories as deleting your show or canceling your account, deletes your Simplecast RSS Feed. 

If I cancel my Simplecast account or delete my podcast, how do I remove my show from the Apple Podcasts Connect portal to make sure it is no longer available on Apple Podcasts?

ℹ️ If you cancel your Simplecast account or delete your show but do not delete your show in your Apple Podcast Connect account, the episode list will remain on the Apple Podcasts directory but the episodes will not be playable. Apple will eventually remove the show but in the meantime potential listeners won't be able to download or stream the episodes.

Answer: To remove your podcast from Apple Podcasts after closing your Simplecast account (or deleting your show):

  1. Log in with your Apple ID

  2. Click on your show's artwork

  3. Click the Delete Podcast link at the bottom of the page.

How do I cancel my Simplecast account, but keep my show active?

Answer: If you'd like to cancel your Simplecast account but have your show remain active on Apple Podcasts:

  1. You will need to move your show to a new host

  2. Create a 301 redirect to point to your show's new RSS feed 

  3. Login to Apple Podcasts Connect and check to see if your new feed is listed and if not, replace the Simplecast RSS feed URL for your show with your show's new RSS feed URL.

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