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Setting an Alternate Episode URL
Setting an Alternate Episode URL

Want to link to your own website instead of the default Simplecast URL? Here's how.

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Apple Podcasts (and a few other podcast apps) provides a link for each episode that listeners can click on to visit that show's website and learn more about the episode. 

Simplecast creates an episode page with a URL for your episodes by default, but if you'd like to customize that URL to point to a episode page on your own website, you can add a Alternate Episode URL for that episode.

If you click to edit one of your episodes and scroll down, you'll see a field called Alternate Episode URL in the Episode Metadata section. Paste in or enter the full URL (link) to the page on your website you'd like to link to.

That custom URL will then be included in the <link> tag for the episode in your RSS feed, and will be used by any podcast apps that support that feature.

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