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Full, Trailer & Bonus Episode Types

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What are Episode Types?


  1. Apple introduced three new episode types in iOS 11 (Full, Trailer, Bonus).

  2. Episode types are displayed in your RSS Feed as: <itunes:episodeType>.

  3. Episode types allow you to create unique content for your show and add to your listener's experience (see descriptions below).

  4. For each episode you publish, you must choose an Episode Type. The default is Full.

How To Assign an Episode Type

  1. When adding or editing a new episode, go to 'Episode Type'

  2. Select 'Full', 'Trailer' or ;'Bonus'.

Episode Types Descriptions

Full (Default):  Choose 'Full' when publishing regular content for your show. Full Episodes will have an episode number and are the most common type of episodes.

Trailer (Teaser): Choose 'Trailer' when publishing a short, promotional piece of content that represents a preview of your show. Trailer episodes will be listed at the beginning of your episodes and will not have an episode number. Publishing a trailer episode is a great way to generate buzz for a new show and a good episode type to publish when launching a new show.

Bonus (Extra Content): Choose 'Bonus' when publishing extra content for your show (e.g., behind the scenes content, corrections, shout-outs, etc). Bonus episodes will not have an episode number and will be presented in order of publishing date. 

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