For our customers who have trusted us with their podcast over the past 6 years (prior to Feb 28, 2019), we wanted to show our appreciation.

Upon the launch of the all-new Simplecast, we introduced new pricing tiers - with Simplecast Basic starting at $15/mo. What potentially isn't clear is that all customers, old and new who joined prior to February 28, 2019, are part of a special, pricing tier.

This special tier, called Legacy, allows you to stay at your rate of $12/mo while gaining even more features than the old Simplecast, along with all new IAB compliant analytics.

We've taken steps to better illustrate this for you in the chart below. If you have any questions, hop into our live chat - we’re here to help.

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Click here to download a larger view of the chart below. See the full feature list for all new plans (excluding this special legacy plan) at

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Still have questions? We'd be happy to answer them. You can reach our Support Team at!

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