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How to Access Spotify Analytics
How to Access Spotify Analytics

Claim your show in Spotify to see your analytics information and more

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Spotify is now sending analytics data to Simplecast, so as long you've submitted your show to Spotify through their Spotify for Analytics web portal, you'll see Spotify analytics in your Simplecast show dashboard.

Keep reading to learn how to submit your show to Spotify so you can see your Spotify analytics and other insights they provide about your show in their web portal, such as number of followers, streams and listens, and audience demographics.

You'll need:

  1. Your show's RSS feed URL

  2. Access to the email account that's listed as the owner email in your show's RSS feed

  3. A Spotify account

How To Sign Up for Spotify for Podcasters

1. In a web browser, go to 

  • Click the ‘Get Startedʼ Button

  • Enter the RSS Feed for your podcast

  • Click ‘Nextʼ in the lower right corner.

2. Click ‘Send Codeʼ to send an 8-digit code to the email address that's listed in the show's RSS feed. In Simplecast, you can find or change this email address in your Show Settings page. Click Next.

3. Check your email account for the Spotify Code. Copy and paste the 8-digit code from the email into the verification box on the website, then click Next.

4. Select ‘Your Countryʼ,  ‘Primary Languageʼ, and ‘Primary Categoryʼ from the drop-down menu.

5. Click the + Add Category to add more categories and sub-categories. Click ‘Nextʼ in the lower-right corner.

6. Review information in ‘Does Everything Look OK? If yes, click ‘Submitʼ in the lower-right corner.

That's it, you're in! Click ‘See Statsʼ to go to the Dashboard and view your Spotify analytics.

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How To Access Your Show's Spotify Dashboard (after signing up)

1. Open your web browser, visit Click ‘Log Inʼ.
2. Enter Email & Password.
3. Click on your podcast cover art.

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Q: Are my Spotify analytics included in my Simplecast dashboard?

Yes: Spotify recently enabled analytics pass-through for all Simplecast shows, so you should now see your download data from Spotify included in your show's analytics in your Simplecast dashboard. 

Q: My show has been in Spotify for awhile. Will I only see the most recent data?

Yes, Spotify only began sending current analytics data for shows starting around August 23rd, 2019. If your show was submitted to Spotify before then, or if you only recently claimed your show in their web portal, you won't see the historical analytics data in your Simplecast account. However you can always view all the data Spotify has for your show in

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