Q: What is the Unique Listeners metric and can I see how many my show has?

Yes! The Unique Listeners metric in your Simplecast dashboard shows you the number of individual listener devices which download or stream your show.

Q: What does that really mean? 

Let’s say you have a podcast where your entire show’s last 7-day Downloads are triple your last 7-day Unique Listeners. You can now confidently say that your audience is indeed listening to more than one episode on average—three, in fact.

Q: How does Simplecast determine the number of unique listeners for my show?

Along the road to releasing podcasting’s leading analytics platform, we created this little thing we call a “fingerprint” to anonymously identify unique listener devices. 

Through machine learning, we’re able to know if those devices have listened to a specific podcast and episode before.

Q: Does Simplecast collect any personal or private information about the listeners?

Simplecast does not collect or store any specific information about your listeners, other than publicly available user agents like device type, app, and IP address. Anything else that might be used to track a listener from one episode or show to another is completely, 100% anonymized from the very first fingerprint. Not even we can see this data, because it doesn’t exist. We believe data and understanding is important, but not at the cost of personal security.

Q: Where can I see the number of unique listeners my show has?

If you have a show on our Legacy, Basic, or a higher plan, you'll be able to see the number of unique listeners for your show for the past 7 days in the right side of your Overview page:

If your show is on the Essential or Growth plan, you'll also have access to Unique Listeners reports for your Show and Episodes in your Audience page:

You can even compare episodes:

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Have a question about Unique Listeners or something else related to your show's analytics? You can click that chat icon down there on the right to speak to a Simplecast support agent. They're happy to help! You can also read more about Unique Listeners on our blog.

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