Table of Contents:

  1. Starting the Migration to 2.0 

  2. New Dashboard Overview

  3. New Analytics Overview

  4. Your Show's New RSS Feed URL 

  5. Re-Inviting Team Members

  6. Your New Show Website

Starting the Migration to 2.0 

Please review our Migration FAQ carefully before migrating your account to the new Simplecast, and feel free to reach out to our support team if you have any questions or concerns. We're always glad to help. Thanks much! 

To begin migrating your account, click the green Migrate to the new Simplecast button at the top of your navigation sidebar. Starting the migration will move all the shows owned by your account over to the new version of Simplecast.

After you click the Migrate button, you'll be taken to a confirmation page that contains information about migration. This is a great time to review the Migration FAQ, if you haven't already done so.

If you're ready to proceed with the migration, scroll down and click the Continue button.

You'll be asked to enter your current 1.0 account password and create a new password for your 2.0 account.

After your new account details are entered, our system will begin migrating the shows in your account. You'll see a migration progress screen while your shows are being migrated. 

Migration should only take a few minutes for each show you own, but shows with a large number of episodes or a lot of analytics data will take a bit longer. 

Once your migration is complete, you'll be able to see your new show dashboard.

Note: I set up this show 👆🏼 for the purpose of demoing the migration process. Since it's not a real show and therefore doesn't have any downloads, I'm going to switch to using my actual podcast (The Podcast Dude, which was migrated several months ago) for the rest of this walk-through.

Now that your show has been migrated successfully, let's take a tour of the new dashboard and go over what's new and a few other things you'll need to know.

• • • 

New Dashboard Overview

The first screen you'll see once your account has been migrated is the brand new dashboard for your show.

The dashboard displays the basic information about your show, along with some useful analytics.

Please note that your new dashboard contains your show's IAB (Interactive Advertising Bureau) certified analytics data, so your total download numbers will be lower than they were in your 1.0 account, as some of the downloads that were previously included are no longer considered valid downloads under the new IAB standards that have been adopted by Simplecast and many others in the podcasting industry. Please checkout our IAB 101 article for more information about this upgrade.

Let's continue with our tour of the new dashboard, starting with the Show and Account menus. 

• • •

The Show Menu

Clicking on your show's title or artwork in the top-left side of your dashboard will open the Show menu.

The Show menu contains links to the pages where you can: 

  1. View and edit the info and settings for your show (Show Settings) 

  2. Access your show's RSS feed and setup your show distribution (Show Distribution) 

  3. Add or manage team members for your show (Team Members) 

  4. Configure and customize the website that Simplecast provides for your show (Site Settings & Design)

  5. Switch to a different show you own or manage, or add a new show to your account

• • •

The Account Menu

If you need to make changes to your account, billing, or subscription information, you'll want to open the account menu by clicking on the avatar icon up in the top-right side of your dashboard.

The Account menu is also where you'll find links to our help articles (Knowledge Base), the Simplecast Blog, and our Change Log (if you'd like to see all the recent upgrades and improvements we've made).

• • •

The Top Navigation Bar

Up in the top navigation bar, you'll see navigation links for the Dashboard page, the Episodes overview page, the Audience page, and the New Episode button.

Now that we've done a quick overview of the new dashboard, let's take a quick look at the new analytics available in the new Simplecast.

• • •

Analytics Overview

Your Dashboard contains a quick look at your analytics, but you can see even more information in the Audience page.

The Overview section contains all the analytics metrics from Simplecast 1.0, along with several new features, including the most popular time of day metric, the new unique listeners metric, and the new listener location heat-map. These analytics are available for every show on Simplecast.

The Audience Insights sections contains advanced analytics and are available to shows on the new Essential or Growth plans, but Legacy customers do get a free 30 day preview of the Audience Insights.

Visit this help article for a more detailed look at the new analytics available in the new Simplecast.

• • •

Your Show's New RSS Feed URL

The Show Distribution page is where you'll find your show's new RSS feed URL, along with places where you can paste in a link to your show in the various podcast directories/apps to add badges to your show's new Simplecast site.

Migrating to the new Simplecast automatically creates a 301 redirect on your show's 1.0 RSS feed to point over to the show's new feed URL.

Apple and Google Podcasts and most of the other podcast apps will update automatically because of this redirect, but you will need to send a feed update request to Spotify, Stitcher, and iHeartRadio

This is not hard to do and will only take a couple of minutes. We have instructions and links available here.

• • •

The Team Members Page

The Team Members page is where you can invite and manage team members you'd like to provide access to your show. There are three different levels for team members, each with different permissions: 

  • Analytics ("View-Only")

  • Managers (can create or edit episodes)

  • Admins (can do everything you can do except delete the show or account)

Team members do not carry over from your 1.0 account, so you'll need to re-invite your show's team members. Shows that migrate from 1.0 are on a special Legacy plan we've created, which allows for up to 4 team members.

• • •

Your New Show Website

The Site Settings & Design page is where you can configure and customize your show's new Simplecast site.

Note: If you have an existing custom domain name for your show's Simplecast site, you'll need to make a few updates to your domain's DNS settings. 

This process varies a little depending on your domain name registrar, but your DNS settings should end up looking something like this:

We have full instructions for how to set up your custom domain or update your DNS settings here.

If you visit your Site Settings & Design page and then click the Site Design link in the side-bar on the left, you'll see options to customize your site design.

You can choose between a light theme or a dark theme, select a custom accent color for your site, and add texture to that accent color (if you'd like).

Here are a few live examples of the new Simplecast sites:

• • •

We hope that this walk-through gets you excited to migrate your show to the new version of Simplecast, and we hope you enjoy the changes and upgrades we've made so far. What you're seeing now is just the beginning of the big plans we have for Simplecast, and we're excited to keep building on this new foundation.

If you have any questions or feedback, please feel free to share them with us! You can reach us anytime at or through the chat system in your dashboard.



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