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Adding a Transcript to Your Episode Page
Adding a Transcript to Your Episode Page

How to add a transcript to your episode page

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Once you’ve saved a draft or published an episode, click the ADD TRANSCRIPT button at the bottom of the EPISODE DETAILS page.

Copy/paste the episode transcript in. You can also write a transcript or edit the text of an existing transcript here.

Once you're ready to save and publish the transcript, press the save button. That's it! You'll now see the transcript on your episode's page on your show's Simplecast site.

You can also share a link to the transcript by visiting the transcript page in your web browser and copying the URL. The episode transcript URL will look like this: 

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What is Transcription & Why Do I Need It?

Transcription is, essentially, a written version of your podcast. The transcription should cover every part of your podcast, and include time-stamps, sound effects, and anything else that contributes to the full experience of your show. 

To learn more about transcriptions for podcasts, take a look at this article over on the Simplecast blog:

Best Transcription Services for Podcasters

For a high-quality transcript created by a human, we recommend It's $1 per 1 minute of audio, but you'll get a transcript that require minimal or no editing. 

If you don't mind doing a little bit of editing / reworking, check out one of the more automated services like Temi, Trint, or Podcast Transcribe.

Additional Resources:

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