What is an Apple Podcasts Authorization Code?

When a request is sent to Apple Podcasts to transfer ownership of a show from one Apple Podcasts Connect account to another, the Apple Podcasts support team will send a verification email that contains a 6-digit authorization code to confirm show ownership. The 6-digit code needs to be added to your Simplecast RSS Feed. Once the authorization code has been saved to your RSS Feed, you must reply to the Apple email and confirm that the code has been added to the <itunes: keywords> or <copyright> tag.

Example email from Apple:
To transfer ownership, please complete the following steps:
Insert the six-digit authorization code “xxxxxx” in the <itunes:keywords> or <copyright> tag.

The 6-digit code only has to be added to one tag, so this tutorial will show you how to add to the <itunes: keywords> tag to keep it simple.


How To enter the 6-digit authorization code from Apple

How to add 6-digit code in the <itunes:keywords> tag:

  1. Click on the drop-down menu in the top-left corner of your Simplecast dashboard

  2. Click on 'Show Settings'

  3. Scroll down to Categorization

  4. Type in the 6-digit authorization code in the 'Tags' box (tags are added to <itunes: keywords> tag in your RSS Feed.

  5. Click the 'Add' button

  6. Click 'Save' in the top-right corner

  7. Reply to Apple via email (see template below) letting them know the six-digit authorization code was added in the <itunes: keywords> tag


Email Template to Reply to Apple Podcasts:

To: podcastsupport@apple.com
Subject: Transfer of Ownership: [enter 6-digit authorization code]

Body of Email:
I authorize changing management in Podcasts Connect and access to Podcast Analytics to the account [Replace with your Apple ID email address]. As requested, I have inserted the authorization code in the <itunes: keywords> tag.

Show Title: Enter the name of your podcast
Apple Podcasts URL: Enter the Apple Podcasts URL for your show

Thank you,
Your Name



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