How To Add Episode Markers using Zoomed Waveform Player (Episode-Level)

ℹ️ Note for current Mae users: Adding and Editing of markers has moved. The markers are no longer editable from the Episode details page. Markers are now displayed when creating or editing an Episode. Learn more below

We've launched a new experience that will let you add markers on episodes in the Simplecast dashboard.

Now with our interactive waveform, you have the ability to zoom down to the millisecond. Helping you get to the exact spot where you want to place your DAI markers!

Important: An uploaded audio file is required to enable Zoomed Waveform Player.

  1. Drag slider or click in the waveform to set a Marker position.
    - For precision, use -/+ at the top-right of the waveform player to adjust waveform size.

  2. Hit play and use the up and down arrows to dial in the marker time to the millisecond.

  3. Using the Select Marker drop-down menu, select a Marker Type

  4. Confirm displayed timestamp and adjust as necessary

  5. Click 'Add' to set Marker Type

  6. Change 'Marker Limits' using the drop-down menus

  7. To remove Markers, click the corresponding 'X'

  8. Once Markers are created for the episode, click Save Draft or continue with adding episode details.

ℹ️ Notes:
- The Zoomed Waveform is only necessary for Mid-roll markers.
- You can still enter time stamps manually and stack at the same time stamp.
- Each Marker Type (Pre-, Mid-, and Post-roll) allows up to 5 Markers Limits.

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