NO RSS or Audio Disruption: There will be no disruption of your RSS or audio! Your show will have a new RSS feed URL after you have been migrated, but our system creates a redirect on your previous 1.0 feed URL to point to the new feed as soon as an auto-migration is successful.

NO Embed Player Disruption: Our system creates a redirect from the 1.0 embed player code to the new Simplecast embed player code ensuring sure that audio players are not affected in the transition.

IAB Compliant Analytics: When you view your new dashboard, you’ll be seeing IAB compliant numbers powered by our all-new analytics engine.

Website Custom Domain: If your show's Simplecast site is currently setup to use a custom domain URL, you will need to update your DNS settings to the new Simplecast settings. We have easy instructions (with screenshots) available here.

1.0 API: Access to the 1.0 API will continue to function, but after auto-migration any new data (both episodes and analytics) will only be accessible through the 2.0 API. Please see the 2.0 API documentation for further clarification.

Managers: Due to our new, much more secure type of login authentication, you will need to re-invite your Managers on the new Simplecast by sending them an invite. With the new Simplecast you’ll have our new feature called “Team Members.”

Pricing: Simplecast’s new plans start at $15/mo, but you’ll have the opportunity to remain at $12/mo after you are migrated. Check out details about our special plan for Legacy Simplecast customers here.

• • •

Pricing & Features

Do I keep the same pricing and features?

Yes! As a current customer, you have the option to keep your $12/month plan. Your default pricing plan after you are migrated offers many of the features you had before plus improved analytics, design and a more powerful Simplecast. You get more for the same monthly cost.

Note: Legacy plans can have up to 4 managers. You can read more about your Legacy plan features here.

Will I be able to switch back to Simplecast 1.0?

No. Once you switch over to the new Simplecast, you won’t be able to go back to the old Simplecast dashboard–but we think you’ll be glad to make the switch once you check out Simplecast’s new features.

How will I be billed when I upgrade to the new Simplecast?

You will be billed on your next billing date just as you were in 1.0. You can expect that the price will be $12. In the coming weeks, we will be releasing new pricing plans with even more features.

If I have a coupon code applied in 1.0, will I continue to get that discount?

Yes, you will still have the same pricing. We will also continue to honor your non-profit discounts going forward.

• • •

Podcast Feed

Will I (or my listeners) experience any disruption while I am being migrated?

You and your listeners won't notice any disruption in your podcast–the feed and audio will be available throughout the entire process.

You will temporarily be unable to access your Simplecast dashboard while the migration is underway. When your data is finished porting over, you will automatically be redirected to the new dashboard and will receive an email letting you know everything is ready.

Will my RSS feed change when I am migrated?

Yes, we will automatically provide a new RSS feed in the new Simplecast for you to start using after you have been migrated which is displayed on the Distribution page.

We will automatically redirect the 1.0 RSS feed to your new RSS feed as part of the migration process. This means that anywhere you are using the 1.0 feed will continue to function normally, and you do not have to update anything for your listeners to continue to access the feed.

Do I need to re-submit my podcast to directories such as Apple Podcasts, Spotify, etc?

We’ve automatically forwarded your old RSS feed to your new Simplecast feed, so Apple Podcasts will update automatically. All platforms that use the Apple Podcasts directory will update as well, (eg. Overcast, Breaker, etc).

You will need to update Stitcher, Spotify, iHeartRadio, or any other apps that don't use Apple's directory. Instructions for how to update the those podcast directories are available here.

What about Google Podcasts?

Google Podcasts will find your show's new RSS feed URL and update automatically within a day or two.

If you see an error when using the Google Podcast Link Tool, there is nothing to worry about. It means Google is in the process of re-indexing your show because your show's RSS feed URL has changed. They'll update on their own shortly.

If you'd like to speed up that process, you can submit your show's new RSS feed URL through

I can see more podcast apps and directories in the Show Distribution page. Do I need to submit my show to all of them?

Submitting your show to every podcast app or directory is optional, but it certainly doesn't hurt!

If you've already submitted your show to a podcast app or directory listed in the Show Distribution page in your dashboard, we suggest locating the direct link to your show in that app or directory and pasting it into the appropriate field in the Distribution page. Once you do, a link to that podcast app or directory will be added to your Simplecast embed players and show site. Magic!

• • •

Podcast Settings

If I use a Podtrac enclosure, will that get migrated in the new Simplecast?

This is now called an 'enclosure url' in the new Simplecast. You won't need to do anything to continue using it in the new Simplecast. We will bring over your Podtrac url and it will automatically appear in the enclosure url.

Does Simplecast support episode chapters?

Yes, we do support episode chapters. If you'd like to learn more about creating episode chapters, click here.

• • •

Episode Settings

Can I still have private episodes?

Yes, you can. When creating a new episode you'll have the option to hide it from your RSS feed. This will still allow you to use your web player and have a direct link. It will not be discovered by search engines and people can't find the link unless they know the URL. Please note, this is not 100% private. Someone could still discover the URL of the episode and share it.

If I had scheduled episodes do they stay scheduled or do I have to reschedule them?

If you are migrated while you had episodes scheduled to be published, they will still be scheduled at the same date and time in the new Simplecast. If you want to check for yourself, view the scheduled episode after the migration to see its scheduled publishing date and time.

• • •


Why do my analytics look different in the new Simplecast and what is IAB?

We have been tracking data with increased granularity since May 2017 in order to give you the most accurate, IAB compliant analytics data possible.

You will see lower total download numbers in the new Simplecast compared to 1.0, as some downloads that were previously included are no longer considered valid downloads according to the new IAB 2.0 podcast measurement standards that Simplecast has adopted.

To learn more about the new IAB compliant metrics and standards, we recommend that you watch this video and read this article.

What is a 'download'?

A 'download' is interchangeable with a 'listen'. It represents an instance where a unique user has started listening to an episode on a podcast app, directory, your embed player or Simplecast provided website. We filter out listens which appear to be the same user stopping and restarting the episode, or those which seem to have only listened for an extremely short period of time.

Can I see my Spotify Analytics?

Spotify has not yet provided us with a way to show you your Spotify analytics in your Simplecast dashboard, but you can see your Spotify analytics if you claim your show through Full instructions are available here.

• • •


Can I keep my 1.0 website design?

After you are migrated, your Simplecast site will be upgraded to our beautiful new default theme (we'll be adding more themes in the future as well). So if you upgrade, the look and feel of your current site will be changed. We've redesigned it all from the ground up with new options, new players, SEO-ready, new listener data tracking, and much more.

How can I customize my new Simplecast site?

You can choose between a light or dark site using the new Simplecast site theme. You can optionally select an accent color for your site and add a texture to it!

Note: We aren't supporting custom CSS in new Simplecast at the current time. If you use custom CSS in your 1.0 site, you'll lose the custom styling. We'll soon be adding more themes alongside more granular color + theme customizations.

What can I do with my new site in the new Simplecast?

By default you will have a persistent player on your site. We also will have play buttons by your episodes that allow you to play them in the player at any time. Additionally, you will have podcast badges to the podcast platforms you've connected to in your Show Distribution page in your dashboard.

Will I get a new Simplecast website?

Yes, all new Simplecast accounts have a website enabled. This is also used for your direct links for sharing an episode!

Is my new site secure (HTTPS)?

Yes! All new Simplecast Sites and RSS feeds (and now custom domains, too) are secured with SSL and will be prefixed with 'https://'

Can I still show my sponsors' logos on my site?

This is not a feature of the new Simplecast at the time of launch. We are looking at better ways to integrate your sponsors in our upcoming monetization tools. In the meantime, you can easily link to your sponsors in your show notes - this is also the recommended method and more search engine friendly.

Will I still have the ability to accept Donations on my site?

We're currently reworking how you accept donations on our new platform, and have big plans for the future, but Stripe donations are not supported on the new sites at this time.

Can I add a Facebook Pixel or Google Analytics to my site?

Yes, there is an option for these in your Site Settings.

• • •

Web Players

If I'm using the current Simplecast embed player, will the design change?

If you're using the web player we released nearly a year ago, your player will auto-update to the new Simplecast design! This will happen automatically wherever you have it embedded. If you're running any older, legacy 1.0 players, we'd recommend you update them over time. These new players offer much more granular analytics and tracking.

Can I still use the Legacy embed player from 1.0?

You can still use it but you won’t be able to create new ones, nor will the design auto-update. We have a new mini player available on your plan.

Do Donations still work with the new web player?

As we said above, we're currently reworking how you accept direct donations on our new platform. We'll be adding this feature in the future. In fact 1.0 was not an integration as much as it was just a Stripe plug-in. We're going to do this much better in the near future.

Will I be able to use Recast on my new Simplecast web players?

Yes! All new Simplecast users will now have access to Recast through the players, as well as from your new Simplecast Site.

What embed players will I have access to in the new Simplecast?

We are offering 3 embeddable players in the new Simplecast, but some will require you to upgrade to a different tier to access. Those tiers will be released soon.

What do the new web players look like on mobile or tablet sized screens?

Our new Simplecast web players are fully responsive and will look beautiful on your mobile phones and tablets. They will be made fully accessible, for visually impaired visitors too in the near future.

Will analytics be tracked for all the new players?

Yes, in the upcoming weeks we will roll out analytics for usage on your web players. You will be able to see the number of listens, drop-offs, and where they were embedded or shared.

• • •


What is Recast?

Recast is a tool that allows you (AND your listeners) to select a short audio segment of your episode and share it. This is immensely useful by allowing your listeners to promote your podcast and for sharing a moment that you/they loved.

What time range options are available to me on Recast?

If you are a migrated customer who has come over from 1.0, you and your listeners can create a 30, 60, or 90 second Recast. In the future, you will be able to make customized Recast lengths up to 90 seconds.

• • •

Managers / Team Members

What are the differences between Managers and Team Members?

On 1.0 this feature is called Managers. Managers that you invite to your account have access to the entire account except billing.

If you are a migrated customer, then you will be able to invite team members who have the permission set of 'Manager'.

When new pricing tiers become available in the coming weeks, you will be able to upgrade to a new plan and select from 3 team member types: Analytics, Managers, Admins. These have different permission sets so that you can make sure that your team has the correct access levels.

Analytics - This is a 'view only' account, and Team Members of this type will only be able to view your show's analytics. They will not be able to edit or add new episodes, or change any of your show's settings.

Managers - These Team Members can view analytics, but can also publish and edit episodes.

Admin - Admins on your Team can view analytics, publish, edit, and delete episodes, and make changes to your show and site settings. They can also manage Team members.

Only the Show Owner will be able to access billing details and/or delete the show.

Do I need to re-invite my managers?

Yes. Due to our new, more secure type of login authentication, you will need to re-invite your Manager’s on the new Simplecast by sending them an invite from the Team Members page. Since you’re a current customer you’ll keep the Manager permission level which gives your Teammate access to help with everything but your billing. Legacy account can have up to 4 team members.

• • •

What Are The New Features?

  • Completely redesigned - An all-new interface, embed players, analytics, and sites.

  • Improved Infrastructure - The industry's most innovative, scalable, podcast delivery infrastructure. As you grow, we grow. We'll have you covered from your first play to your first billion plays.

  • Beautiful new Simplecast sites - Every account comes with a newly designed Simplecast Site, multiple page support (depending on your plan), show and episode pages, and one theme; more themes on the way (custom CSS is currently not available).

  • New Web players - Redesigned Standard player (available on all plans), Mini player (only shows player controls, only on certain plans and customers who migrated from 1.0), Show Player (only on certain plans, coming soon), plus new color customization options.

  • Analytics - Understand your listeners better by knowing where they are, and how they listen, with granularity down to the hour or minute. It's IAB 2.0 compliant, gathers data on which parts of your episodes get shared with Recast®, the users' listening speeds, and a whole lot more! Your new analytics will also make it easy to run custom reports to compare episodes.

  • Team Members - Managers are now Team Members and you can control their level of access to your podcast via permission types. Viewer, Editor, and Manager.

  • Simplecast API 2.0 is the most advanced audio publishing and distribution API available anywhere, bar none. You can use it to build your own website, create a GarageBand upload tool, create your own listening app, and much more!

• • •

Still have questions? We'd be happy to answer them. You can reach our Support Team at!

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