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FAQs about moving to Simplecast Creator Connect

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  • What is Simplecast Creator Connect?

    • Simplecast Creator Connect is a new, streamlined way to distribute your podcast to new audiences and platforms. You can think of it like a distribution portal to platforms and apps within the SXM Media network.

  • What is Simplecast?

    • Simplecast is a SiriusXM company that publishes and distributes podcasts, and gives podcast creators rich analytics on their shows. Simplecast has been around since 2013, and joined SiriusXM in 2020.

  • Do I (or why do I) need a Simplecast Account to sign up?

    • Creating an account allows us to verify that you own the show you’re trying to distribute, and gives us a way to get in touch with you about your data.

  • If I am already using Simplecast, do I need to sign up again?

    • You won’t need to create a new account (just login with your Simplecast credentials!) but you will need to submit your shows.

  • I’m hosted on another service–do I have to migrate?

    • No! If you love your host, keep them! (But if you do want to migrate, we’ll give you three months of Simplecast for free!)

  • Do I need to pay for this service? Simplecast costs money, how is this different?

    • We love podcast creators whether they use Simplecast or not, and we don’t think you should have to pay to reach new audiences. That’s why Simplecast Creator Connect is free.

  • Can I easily move my entire Podcast to Simplecast after joining the Creator Connect?

    • Yes! If you like what you see of Simplecast in Creator Connect, you can easily move your shows over–all you have to do is copy and paste your RSS link, and we’ll take care of the rest of the migration. (Plus, we’ll give you your first three months of Simplecast free!)

  • Are there any benefits because I am a Simplecast customer?

    • Yes! As a Simplecast customer, you’ll have faster submission and approval times, and once we integrate Stitcher and Pandora analytics, you’ll be able to see those plus your Simplecast analytics all in one place!

  • When a new platform launches, will my Podcast automatically be added? (eg. SiriusXM app, etc)

    • Yes! Once you submit or claim your show, that’s all you have to do!

  • Does this mean Pandora or Simplecast have rights to my content?

    • No! Your content is yours. The only agreement you make with Pandora, and Simplecast is that we can distribute your content to our platforms. See the full terms here. Still have questions? Email

  • I already have my Podcast on Pandora, do I need to do anything else? If so, why?

    • Because Pandora for Podcasts is being retired, you’ll need to sign a new Terms of Service. You can do that by creating a Simplecast Creator Connect account.

  • If I am a new user, do I need to use the email address my RSS feed is tied to?

    • You can use any email, but using the email in the feed or account you had on Pandora will help us and make the onboarding process a lot easier and automagical.

  • Do I need to be the owner of the show to add it?

    • No, but the owner of the email in the RSS feed will have to respond to our verification email in order for the show to be added.

  • How do I add additional shows?

    • You can use the “add show” flow to continue adding as many shows as you like!

  • What are the technical requirements for my Podcast submission?

    • Your feeds need to be valid podcast RSS feeds. If the feed is submitted and approved in Apple Podcasts, you’ve already met all the technical requirements! If you are unsure, you can use a podcast feed validation service like Cast Feed Validator or Podbase.

  • How do I remove my Podcast(s) from Simplecast Creator Connect?

    • You can easily hide (unlist) or remove (delete) your podcast(s) from the Creator Connect dashboard interface. Both of these actions will remove them from all distributed apps.

  • Can I choose which platforms I want individually or all or nothing?

    • Currently you can only submit to all at this point. In the future we might enable specific apps.

  • What’s coming next for Simplecast Creator Connect?

    • While we’re excited to offer speedy and seamless distribution to Pandora, we’ve got some exciting things in the pipeline–think increased analytics, and ways to further grow your show.

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