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📌 Google Play for Podcasts is shutting down

New shows will no longer be submitted to Google Play Music. All new shows will be added to Google Podcasts Manager and indexed for Google Podcasts.

Help Center Article: How to get your podcast gets listed on Google Podcasts

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If you already have shows on Google Play Music:

  1. Transfer from Google Play to Google Podcasts: If you are in the US or Canada and already have a show or shows on Google Play, you can sign into the Google Play Music Podcast Portal and click on 'Transfer Now' to move your show.

    If you have already added your show to Google Podcasts, you can skip this step of transferring your show from Google Play to Google Podcasts.

Archived Information about Google Play:

Google Play Music Availability

To submit a new podcast to Google Play Music Podcast Portal, you need to be located in the United States or Canada. 

Podcasts on Google Play Music are only available to listeners located in the United States or Canada. 

More information is available here.

How To Submit Your RSS Feed To Google Play Music

Follow these quick steps to begin publishing your podcast to Google Play Music: 

  1. Sign into Google Play Music Podcast Portal with the Gmail account you want associated with your podcast. 
  2. Click "add podcast" and submit your Simplecast RSS feed URL. 
  3. Next, you will need to verify your Gmail account.
  4. Then, wait for Google to approve your podcast!

Find more helpful information, visit Google's help article: Add a podcast toGoogle Play using an RSS feed.

How To Update Your RSS URL On Google Play Music

Did you recently change your RSS Feed and want to make sure Google Play Music gets updated?  

To update your podcast RSS URL, complete this Google Play Music form.

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Google Podcasts

View this article for more information on how Simplecast gets your podcast listed on Google Podcasts.

Google Play Music vs. Google Podcasts: Google Play Music is only available in the US & Canada and Google Podcasts is available on Android devices and web browsers worldwide. 

  • Google Play Music requires you to submit your RSS Feed.
  • Google Podcasts indexes your RSS Feed automatically from your podcast website (Simplecast sites are Google-Podcasts friendly).  

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