To submit your show(s) on Stitcher, all you need is your Simplecast RSS Feed URL!

💡How Do I Find My Simplecast RSS Feed

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How To Submit Your Show To Stitcher

  1. Visit Stitcher Partner Portal:

  2. Click the 'Join Us Today' button

  3. Enter or Paste in your Simplecast RSS Feed

  4. Click 'Next'

  5. Confirm Email Address and click 'Got It'

  6. Create a Stitcher Partner Account by filling out Contact Form (Name, Email, Password). 

  7. Click 'Sign Up'

  8. Read Terms of Service. Click 'Agree'

  9. Check Email Inbox for Stitcher Email. Click 'I Approve. Add This Show To Stitcher'

Last Step: Check your email inbox for an email from Stitcher. Click the link:
'I Approve. Add This Show to Stitcher'

How To Update an RSS Feed on Stitcher:

  1. Log in to the Stitcher Partner Portal

  2. Click 'Manage Show' in the sidebar

  3. Enter/Paste in your Simplecast RSS Feed

  4. Press 'Submit'

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