Did you move your show from Libsyn to Simplecast? 

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How long should you wait before you cancel your Libsyn account?


It is up to you, but we recommend keeping your Libsyn account active for at least 30 days to make sure the 301 Redirect has had enough time to update all of the directories and apps with your new Simplecast RSS Feed. 

Why wait 30 days to cancel your Libsyn account?

Unlike Simplecast, Libsyn immediately deletes your RSS feed redirect when you close your Libsyn account, so it is a good idea to keep your account open and paid for at least 30 days after you have added the redirect. Adding the RSS 301 redirect will tell all services using the Libsyn RSS feed to start using your new Simplecast feed.  While the redirect may not require the full 30 days to work, we recommend keeping your account open for at least 30 days as a best practice and safety precaution. 

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