Q: Can I see how many subscribers my show has?

A: Unfortunately, we can't currently track subscribers for your show, only downloads and plays/streams. This is not a Simplecast issue and more of an industry-wide reality: Most podcast apps don't report the number of subscribers that a show has.

🔥 Pro Tip To Estimate Number of Subscribers

To get an idea of how many engaged listeners your show has, look at the number of downloads for the 24 hours after you publish a new episode.

For example: If your show is released every Friday at 6:00 am and you get 100 downloads every Friday morning week after week, that should give you a good guesstimate of your subscriber count (as subscribers will get your new show as soon as it is published). 

Keep in mind that not all of your subscribers have their pod-catcher set to download new episodes automatically, so this is only an estimate and could be a little higher or lower, but should get you in the ball park if the numbers are consistent week after week.

For a complete overview of all the stats/analytics currently available through your Simplecast account, click here.

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