My custom domain is not working

If your custom domain is not opening your Simplecast site, here are some troubleshooting steps

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Troubleshooting why your custom domain is not working:

  1. Is the 'Enable Custom Domain' box checked in 'Website Settings & Design'? 

  2. Did you enter your custom domain name in Step 2 in 'Website Settings & Design' and press 'Save'?

  3. Are the DNS Settings configured correctly at your domain registrar? (You need to add 3 A-Records & 1 CNAME for 'www')


    'www' (name) (value/points to)

  4. Delete any additional A-Records (you should only have 3 total). It is okay if you have additional CNAME Records or AAA Records, but you should only have 3 A-Records.

  5. Remove any domain redirects on your custom domain name

  6. Using CloudFlare? Click on the orange clouds to disable any security features. Press Disable & Save when prompted. 

  7. Depending on your DNS provider's TTL (Time To Live), there may be a delay of up to 24 hours for the change. Most DNS providers will allow you to lower this TTL window.

Simplecast Dashboard: Site Settings & Design

Simplecast DNS Settings

Using CloudFlare? 

  1. Click on the orange clouds to disable security features

  2. Click 'Disable'

  3. Click Save

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