Q: Can I have multiple podcasts on one Simplecast account?

A: Yes! It's very easy to manage multiple shows from your Simplecast account. 

Each additional show will be $12/month, or $120/year. So two shows would be $24/month, three shows would be $36/month, and so on. 

Note: There are no limits on episodes, so you can upload as many episodes as you'd like.

Adding Additional Shows to Your Simplecast Account 

You can add a new show by clicking on the little gear icon in the bottom-left side of your Simplecast dashboard, then selecting Add a New Podcast, or by visiting http://simplecast.com/podcasts/new. 

Switching Between Shows In Your Simplecast Account

Once you have multiple shows in your account, you can easily switch between them by clicking the little arrow next to your show's artwork in the top-left side of your screen.

If you're going to run multiple shows, you might be interested in learning about how to invite a manager to help. 

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