If you decide to enable your Simplecast site, we realize you may prefer to use your own custom domain, rather than the default structure of yourdomain.simplecast.fm.

Without the proper know-how, the process of DNS edits and pointing a custom domain to Simplecast can be tricky. Therefore we've provided you the information below. If you are stuck and need assistance, simply live chat us below (icon bottom right) or contact your domain registrar support. 

Step 1: Add Custom Domain in 'Website Settings' of Simplecast Dashboard

Step 2: Modify DNS Records at Domain Registrar

Within your domain name registrar, for the domain you'd like to use with Simplecast, you'll need to modify its DNS settings. You will then be able to use www.yourpodcast.com instead of your Simplecast subdomain URL (www.yourpodcast.simplecast.fm)

The easiest way to do this is to edit or add the CNAME (Alias) record for your www subdomain (www.yourpodcast.com) that points to your Simplecast subdomain (e.g., subdomain.simplecast.fm).

How to edit or create a new CNAME for www:

  1. Log in to your domain registrar (e.g., GoDaddy)
  2. Go to your Domains and locate the custom domain you want to forward
  3. Click on 'DNS' or 'Manage DNS Settings'
  4. In 'Records', click the pencil icon to edit the CNAME 'www'. If there is no CNAME for 'www', click Add and select CNAME.
  5. 'Type': CNAME
  6.  'Host': www
  7. 'Points To': enter your Simplecast Sub-domain found in 'Website Settings' (e.g. yourpodcast.simplecast.fm). Note: you do not need to add the prefix https://
  8. For 'TTL' keep it at 1 Hour
  9. Click Save. 
  10. In a web browser, type www.yourcustomdomain.com (substitute your custom domain name) and your Simplecast website will open if configured correctly. (It could take a few minutes or a few hours before your custom domain is properly forwarding to your Simplecast website).

Do we support HTTPS/SSL for custom domains?

We do not support HTTPS/SSL for custom domains on Simplecast 1.0.

CloudFlare is a great DNS provider that provides free SSL certificates for domains. In addition to SSL certificates they also allow for "naked" domains and are perfect for both setting up your custom domain and securing it.

Links to popular domain registrar help articles:

  1. GoDaddy
  2. Hover
  3. NameCheap
  4. Google Domains

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Still have questions? we'd be happy to answer them. You can start a live chat with someone from our team by clicking the bottom right icon on this page.

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