When does Simplecast re-encode or transcode audio files?

  1. If the uploaded audio file is not an mp3, but another file type such as .wav or .m4a

  2. If the uploaded audio file has a Bit Rate of 128Kbps or higher.

What settings should I use if I do not want my audio file re-encoded?
If you upload an mp3 audio file with a Bit Rate of 128Kbps or less, the Simplecast uploader will not re-encode or transcode the audio file.

Does Simplecast modify or adjust Loudness when uploading audio files?

No. The Simplecast uploader does not modify the Loudness of audio files.

Is there a file size limit?

Yes. There is currently a 1 GB file size limit for audio files.

Does Simplecast 'process' or 'sweeten' the audio with any compression or effects?
No. Simplecast does not alter the fidelity of your audio files. 

Is Stereo or Mono affected when an audio file is re-coded?
No. Stereo/Mono encoding is kept as-is.

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