We've made the process for transferring your podcast to Simplecast as frictionless as possible. Unfortunately, PodOmatic has made the process of leaving their service quite difficult in that they do not offer a standard 301 redirect. For this reason, you'll need to take some additional steps to retain most of your existing subscribers.

When you first enter your dashboard after creating a Simplecast account, you will see two options: (1) Create: Add a brand new podcast, and (2) Import: Transfer an existing podcast.

Select Import.

Paste your PodOmatic RSS feed URL into the field and select Validate RSS Feed. The validation process will automatically validate the feed, show details, title(s), and artwork.

After validation, the IMPORT button will be displayed, click it to proceed. Take note, if you have a large amount of episodes, this process may take some time. However, your newest episodes will import first, so they are prepped and ready without much delay.

Once you've completed migrating your podcast onto Simplecast, you'll need to set up a NEW feed in Apple Podcast Connect with a slightly different name (you'll be able to rename after you've received approval).

Now that you have two separate feeds, you'll want to create and upload two versions of your episodes for each feed: one normal episode for your Simplecast feed and second version for your PodOmatic feed that includes an announcement at the beginning of the show alerting your listeners to re-subscribe to the new feed. You could say something like:

“Hey everyone, we're changing our hosting provider which means you'll need to re-subscribe to a new feed. You can do so easily at . Please be aware that new episodes will no longer be available here after XXX date." 

We recommend keeping your PodOmatic account open for at least 30 days while you encourage existing subscribers to re-subscribe to your new Simplecast feed. After 30 days (or however long you're comfortable with), upload a final episode announcing your show has been moved. You could say something like:

"If you're listening to this message, we have moved our show onto a new feed and will no longer upload episodes here. Please continue to listen to our show by re-subscribing at ." 

After a sufficient period of time has passed, close your PodOmatic account and begin uploading your content exclusively onto Simplecast. Fortunately, if you ever need to leave Simplecast, for whatever reason, we won't hold you hostage like this. We try to make everything simple. 

If you have any questions about this process, please feel free to start a new conversation using our live chat. 

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