This question comes up a lot. Because Simplecast offers you a theme-able website and web-based player with your subscription, this use of the word "site" can cause even more confusion. We can help clear up any confusion.

First off, the Simplecast's hosting of your Podcast & RSS feed is completely unrelated to the hosting of your third-party website — be it with Wordpress, Squarespace, or three dozen of other website builders and hosting services. 

Simplecast offers a simple, customizable site which you may choose to enable with your account. By default the URL for this is something like

You can choose to add your own domain, and mask (or hide) the Simplecast portion of the URL. This vanity URL feature is also included in all Simplecast accounts.

Your Simplecast site is a great place for people to find, browse, listen, and even comment on, your episodes. It's also great "Google food" improving your podcast's search engine discoverability. However, this simple site, in most cases, doesn't replace the need for a complete website. Simplecast sites don't yet allow for multiple pages with a robust CMS—their current purpose is for podcast discovery and listening, but Simplecast sites will see multiple major upgrades in Spring 2018.

Curious what you can do with your Simplecast site? Here's just a small sampling of examples from our wonderful customers:

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