Because Simplecast offers you a customizable site that automatically updates when you publish new episodes (along with stand-alone episode pages that you and your listeners can share), you might be a little confused when you can't create extra pages on your Simplecast site or fully customize the features or the way it looks. We can help clear up any confusion.

Simplecast offers a simple, customizable site which you may choose to enable with your account (it's optional). By default the URL for your site will be

You can choose to purchase and setup your own custom domain, and then mask (or hide) the Simplecast portion of the URL. This will be done separately from Simplecast, instructions are here.

Your Simplecast site is a great place for people to find, browse, listen, and even comment on, your episodes. It's also great "Google food" improving your podcast's search engine discoverability. However, this site might not work as a full website replacement for you or your show.

Simplecast sites don't currently allow for multiple pages with a robust CMS—their current purpose is for podcast discovery and listening, but we do have a brand new version of Simplecast coming soon that will include a new and improved website builder. Get an early look here. 

Curious about what you can do with your Simplecast site? Here's just a small sampling of examples from our wonderful customers:

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Still have questions? We'd be happy to answer them. You can start a live chat with someone from our team by clicking the chat icon in the bottom right corner. If you'd like to start a free 14 day trial or move your current show to Simplecast, click here.

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