It's easy (and free) to migrate your podcast from your current host into Simplecast. Watch this quick tutorial video or follow the steps below.

1. Log into your existing Simplecast account, or create a new Simplecast account.

Don't have an existing Simplecast account yet? You can create a new account here. You don't need to enter billing information to get started and migration is free.

2. Select “Import a Podcast”

Paste your existing podcast RSS feed URL into the field and select Validate RSS Feed.

After your feed is validated, the IMPORT button will display. Click it to proceed. The import process is now underway.

In the Episodes view in your admin, Simplecast will show the episodes being imported and you will receive an email once your import is complete.

Tip: If you have a large number of episodes to import, the process may take some time, but you'll start seeing episodes and other information showing up in your Simplecast dashboard soon. Grab some coffee or tea and by the time you get back everything should be ready to go. Hit refresh in your browser after a few minutes and you should see your episodes showing up.

3. Go to Podcast Settings page and make sure the information imported looks good. 

This is a good time to make any updates, if you need to. Double check the information that was imported, make any changes if you need to, then save your changes.

4. Enter your billing information to activate your new RSS feed.

Once your episodes are imported and you're ready to go live, head over to Account Settings and enter your credit or debit card information.

Tip: You'll need to enter your card information to activate your show's RSS feed, but you won't be charged till your trial period is up.

Once you've entered your billing information, visit the Sharing page and copy your show's new RSS feed URL to your clipboard. You'll use this to update the podcast apps and directories.

5. Log in to Apple Podcasts and any other directories and replace your show's previous RSS feed URL with your new RSS feed URL. 

Doing this will update your subscribers to use your new feed moving forward.

You should also enable an 301 redirect on the service you are moving from (see below for more info).

Ready to get started?

Q: Will I lose any of my subscribers?

There are a couple steps to follow to ensure that you don't lose any subscribers. First, update your RSS feed URL in Apple Podcasts and any other podcast directories. After that, add a redirect to your previous feed so that any subscribers who visit that feed will be directed to your new RSS feed.

Most podcast hosts make it easy to create a redirect, but in some cases, you may need to email customer support and request that they set up a 301 redirect to your new Simplecast RSS feed URL.

Q: What else can I do with Simplecast once I've imported my podcast?

Once you've finished importing your podcast into Simplecast, here are a few next steps:

  1. Invite other people to help you manage your podcast
  2. Create and publish new episodes
  3. Share your podcast episodes on social media with our embeddable episode player
  4. Check out our new Recast tool

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