Simplecast's new embeddable audio player makes it easy for you to share your episodes on your current website or social media accounts. 

Finding the embed player

You can find the embed code and sharing links for any episode by clicking the share icon in that episode's thumbnail image. 

How to share on Social Media

If you'd like to share your episode to social media like Twitter or Medium, copy and paste the sharing link.

How to add the player to your website

If you'd like to add episodes of your show to your existing website, you can either use the sharing link (if your site supports it), or you can use the iFrame code. Just copy and paste it anywhere you can add HTML code. 

Here are some great features you get now: 

  • Beautiful, responsive design (looks great at all sizes) 
  • Easy access to sharing links for your listeners 
  • Light & Dark Mode
  • 4 audio speed options, mute, 15s forward/back

And here's what's coming soon:

  • Deeper insights into listener behavior  using your embedded player
  • Custom colors and different player types (playlist and minimal players included!)
  • Easily clip and share highlights and memorable moments from your episode with Recast

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Still have questions? We'd be happy to answer them. You can start a live chat with someone from our team by clicking on the chat icon down there on the right.

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