Simplecast is the easiest way for an independent creator to publish and distribute audio on the Internet. 

To get started, simply create a new account, enter some information about your show, and upload an MP3 audio file. Simplecast will create and update an RSS feed for your show that you'll use to get your show into all the major podcast apps and directories, including iTunes/Apple Podcasts, Google Play, Spotify, and more. 

We'll also gather analytics on all your episode plays/streams/downloads — so you can see detailed information about how people are engaging with your show and episodes. Simplecast can also generate and host a customizable website for your show for no additional cost. 

We've made it simple for beginner-level creators, but powerful enough for the most sophisticated podcaster (or network!) to effortlessly deliver and track audio around the globe in only a few clicks.

Everything is included for only $12/month per show (you can pay for a year up front and save a little bit if you'd like).

If you have any questions, we have helpful articles and tutorials at and and a support team of professional podcasters standing by to answer your questions.

Sound good? You can try it for yourself by starting a free 14 day trial now.

Using a different hosting service for your show? It's easy to move your show over to Simplecast (you won't lose any subscribers either).


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