We've made the process for transferring your podcast from your current hosting solution to Simplecast as frictionless as possible. After creating an account, when you first enter your dashboard, you will see two options: (1) Create: Add a brand new podcast, and (2) Import: Transfer an existing podcast.

Select Import.

Paste your existing podcast RSS feel URL into the field and select Validate RSS Feed. The validation process will automatically validate the feed, show details, title(s), and artwork.

After validation, the IMPORT button will display, click it to proceed. The process will now be underway.

Under Episodes in your admin, Simplecast will show the episodes are being imported. You will receive an email once each show is successfully imported, and another when your entire import is complete.

Take note, if you have a large amount of episodes, this process may take some time. However, your newest episodes will import first, so they are prepped and ready without much delay.

Important: If you're moving your RSS feed away from another RSS host, to ensure all will forward to Simplecast properly, you must be sure to enable an RSS Redirect from the service you are moving from. For example, here's how to enable a redirect with Libsyn (scroll down to Moving From Libsyn). Your former hosting provider should have documentation on how to enable a redirect.

Former Libsyn Customers: If you are a Libsyn customer and curious how long your Libsyn account should remain open for the RSS redirect to take hold, you will locate our help article here.

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