We've made the process for transferring your podcast to Simplecast as frictionless as possible. Unfortunately, Blog Talk Radio has made the process of leaving their service quite difficult in that they do not offer a standard 301 redirect. For this reason, you'll need to take some additional steps to retain most of your existing subscribers.

When you first enter your Simplecast dashboard after creating an account, you will see two options: (1) Create: Add a brand new podcast, and (2) Import: Transfer an existing podcast.

Select Import.

Paste your Blog Talk Radio RSS feed URL into the field and select Validate RSS Feed. The validation process will automatically validate the feed, show details, title(s), and artwork.

After validation, the IMPORT button will be displayed, click it to proceed. Take note, if you have a large amount of episodes, this process may take some time. However, your newest episodes will import first, so they are prepped and ready without much delay.

Once you've completed migrating your podcast onto Simplecast, you'll need to complete the following steps to redirect current subscribers to your new feed: 

  1. Create a NEW feed in Apple Podcast Connect with a slightly different name (you'll be able to rename it to your original title after its been approved).
  2. Before you cease uploading to Blog Talk Radio, you will need to alert your existing listener base that your feed is moving. We recommend recording two separate version for 30 days: one a normal version, and second version with an intro clip communicating the following, "If you are listening to this message, you will no longer receive new episodes of [NAME OF PODCAST] after [MONTH] [DATE]. We're moving our podcast feed, which is now available at [yourwebsite (dot) com]. Please subscribe." You should make sure your new RSS feed is readily available wherever your listeners interact with your show, including the website you direct them to. It wouldn't hurt, also, if you include a similar message at the end of each episode.
  3. Upload your announcement version to Blog Talk Radio and publish.
  4. Also, upload your normal version without this notice to Simplecast and publish.
  5. After 30 days, record a final episode and publish to your old feed on Blog Talk Radio saying something to the effect, "This feed has now moved. Please continue to listen to our show and re-subscribe at [yourwebsite(dot) com] ." This episode can be short, 30 seconds or so. 

We recommend leaving your Blog Talk Radio account active for at least 30 days to ensure your listeners get the change. In the event you are using a free version of Blog Talk Radio, you can leave it open for longer.

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