With the new Simplecast player, by default, you have a light and dark color option to choose from. 

When your visitor interacts with your embedded player, they'll have the option to open the Connect drawer, which gives them access to sharing tools, social media links, and more. It looks like this...

So. Here's what you can expect now:

  • 100% web, mobile, and resolution independent
  • Sharable links (with embedded timestamps!)
  • Dark & Light themes
  • 4 audio speed options, mute, 15s forward/back

And here's what you can expect coming soon in 2018:

How to embed into your website:

You can find the embed code for the new player by clicking the share icon on any of your episodes found in the Episodes section of your Dashboard. For a website embed, use the iFrame code (Example 1) . For social media, see below.

Important note: If you're using an older Simplecast embedded player, we do not update these automatically. We don't want to break your site's layout! You'll need to manually update the iFrame Embed Code on your website.

How to embed on Social Media: 

If embedding on to social media, like Medium, Twitter, Facebook (etc) you only need to copy and paste the 'Embed on Social Media' Link. 

If your listeners choose to share on social media, they'll find the proper links in the embedded player sharing drawer (example 2, below). Enjoy!

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Example 1: How to access your sharing links and embeddable player

Example 2: How to quickly access sharing links from the embedded player

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Still have questions? We'd be happy to answer them. You can start a live chat with someone from our team by clicking on the chat icon down there on the right.

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