Google created a new app, Google Podcasts, for Android users to discover and listen to podcasts. What's unique about Google Podcasts is that there is no submission process and it's available internationally (Google Play Music is for U.S. and Canada only).

How to Get Listed on Google Podcasts

Google will find your podcast by locating some hidden HTML code on your podcast’s home page. Here is the best part, if you're using Simplecast, we've got you covered with our Simplecast Google-Podcasts ready websites! This means you don't have to place any hidden HTML code, just enable your Simplecast provided website from the Website Settings tab. 

Once you've enabled your Simplecast website, allow a couple of days for Google to run its search and list your podcast. Listing times do vary but rest assured that you will be able to link to your podcast very soon.

How to Link to Your Podcast on Google Podcasts

You can use Google’s tool to find and create a link to your podcast on Google Podcasts.

Get Listed on Google Podcasts Using Your Website

If you would like to place the HTML code on your own website, review and follow the Google Podcasts complete guide here.

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