How To Publish a New Episode

Once you have your episode notes and audio file ready, it is easy to publish a new podcast episode with Simplecast.

Need help with recording and editing your first podcast episode? Check out Absolutely Everything You Need To Start Your Podcast: Creating. 

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Add New Episode

Click the "New Episode" button in the top right side of your dashboard.

Add/Edit Episode Page Layout

Episode Details: The left side of the page is where you will upload the audio file and enter the other required details about the episode such as Title, Episode Summary, and Episode Notes.

Preview: The right side of the page gives a live preview of your episode notes as you fill in the information on the left. 

ℹ️ When viewing the Add/Edit Page on mobile device or smaller browser window, click on the eye icon to toggle between the Episode Details & Preview columns.

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Episode Details Workflow

  1. Title: Enter the title of episode in the text box.
    – Last published episode listed below as a reference to help you with naming the new episode.
  2. Episode URL: Customize the 'slug' of your episode URL, which is the part that comes at the end of the URL. By default, the 'slug' will be the name of your episode. We recommend consistency in naming conventions for your episodes.
  3. Audio File:  Click box to select audio file from your computer or drag and drop audio file on top of box to upload. We recommend uploading MP3 audio files with a bit rate of 128kbps.
    – M4A and WAV files can be uploaded, but they will be transcoded to 128kbps MP3 files. MP3 audio files that are 128kbps or lower will not be re-encoded. Learn more.
  4. Episode Type:
    Use 'Full' is when you are submitting a complete episode of a show.
    – Use 'Trailer' when you are submitting a short, promotional piece of content that represents a preview of a show.
    – 'Bonus' is for submitting extra content for a show (for example, behind the scenes information or interviews with the cast). More on episode types
  5. Season #: This option will only be available if your 'Show Type' is Episodic with Seasons or Serial. Click the drop-down menu to select the season or Add a New Season. More on show types
  6. Episode #: This number defines the order of your episode.
    Last published episode number is displayed below. More on show types

7. Episode Summary: Add a brief summary (1- 2 sentences) of what this episode is all about. Plain text only. Hyperlinks and text formatting are not supported.

8. Episode Notes: Add a full description of the episode, including topics discussed, section headlines, useful timestamps, and any additional notes or links you may want to share. We recommend also including links to your social media channels and any contact information you'd like to share with listeners.

You can use our built-in text editor to format your text (bold and italic text, links, and lists are supported), or click on the MARKDOWN button to switch to a Markdown editor.

Note: Images are not supported in Episode Notes.

See also: 

If you're interested in learning more about Markdown or if you'd like a free reusable episode notes template, click here.

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9. Contains Explicit Language?: Check this box to let your listeners know if they should expect to hear any explicit language.

10. Episode Contributors: List everyone who appeared and was mentioned in this episode. Contributor names will appear in the RSS Feed and in some directory metadata information. 

11. Search Keywords: Add relevant search keywords about your episode to help people find it.

12. Upload Episode Artwork: By default, we will use your show art, but you can upload custom art for each episode and it will display in certain player applications.

13. Upload Episode Artwork: Uncheck the box next to 'Use show artwork' and click on 'Browse; or drag and drop image file to upload custom art for the episode. Custom episode artwork is supported by many podcast apps and directories and will also be displayed on your Simplecast website and in your embed players.

ℹ️ JPG, PNG, and GIF images accepted (JPG is recommended). Episode artwork should 3000x3000px in size and will be cropped to a square

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14. Episode Privacy: Click the Public button for your episode to be included in your RSS feed and visible on your site and in embed players Click the Private (Hide from RSS) button to hide your episode from your RSS Feed, Simplecast site, and embed players. You can share private episodes using the share menu options.

15. Alternate Episode URL (optional): Add an alternate URL where listeners can find your podcast episode.

16. Upload Custom Recast Artwork (optional): By default, your show cover art will be used when generating a Recast. To use custom artwork for Recast, uncheck the box 'Use default artwork' and click 'Browse' or Drag & Drop image on the box.
Learn how to use Recast

JPG, PNG, and GIF images accepted (JPG is recommended). Image will be cropped to 1200x855px and should be at least 1200px wide.

17. Recast Border Color (optional):  Click toggle switch to open color picker. Enter color hex code or drag to pick a color. Click on the + symbol to add custom color to favorites. Click anywhere away from the color picker to close.

Scheduling & Publishing Episode

18. Press Save Draft. When you finished entering the information about your episode and are ready to publish your new episode, press the 'Save Draft' button in the top right side of your screen. You will see a progress bar as the audio file processes.

19. Schedule or Publish Now. Once your audio file has been process and the draft has been saved, you will be directed to the episode sharing page. Select a future date and time in the scheduler to 'Schedule Episode' to publish at a future time or click the 'Publish Now' button to publish episode immediately.

ℹ️ Scheduling times are based on your Publishing Time Zone settings found in 'Show Settings'.  Learn more about publishing time zones

20. Promote: You will also get access to the episode sharing links, embed players, Recast, and the direct MP3 download link from this page.

Once you've published your episode, you'll want to promote it! Here are some articles to help you get started:

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Do you still have questions? We'd be happy to answer them. Contact the support team from the drop-down menu locate in the top-right corner of your Simplecast dashboard or send an email to

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