Update May 2020: Google Podcasts Manager
You can now add your new or existing shows to Google Podcasts using Google Podcasts Manager, add users with permissions, and view listener data about your show on Google Podcasts.

  • You will need to sign in using a Google Account/Password
  • You will need your Simplecast RSS Feed

Google Podcasts Manager: How To Add A New Show

  1. Open a Web Browser such as Google Chrome
  2. Enter: https://podcastsmanager.google.com/
  3. Click Start Now or Sign In
  4. Enter Google Email Address & Password
  5. Enter Your Simplecast RSS Feed
  6. Click on Next Step
  7. Preview the Feed (changes can be made in 'Show Settings' in  your Simplecast dashboard)
  8. Click on Next Step
  9. Send Verification Code (if email address in the RSS Feed is different than email used in Google Podcasts Manager)
  10. Verify Ownership
  11. Click Submit
  12. Ownership Verified
  13. Click Get Started

Google Podcasts Help Center:

What is Google Podcasts?

Google Podcasts is a new podcast player for Android users that is built right into the Google search engine. You can subscribe to any podcast and download for offline listening using Google Podcasts.

Note: You do not have to submit your show to get it into Google Podcasts. Google will find and index your show automatically within a few days, as long as you meet their requirements: 

  1. A link to the show's website in the show's RSS feed
  2. A link to the show's RSS feed in the head section of the website's HTML code

All Simplecast show feeds and show sites meet these requirements by default.

How to Get the Link to Your Show in Google Podcasts

You can use Google’s link generator tool to get a link to your podcast on Google Podcasts, as long as Google has already found and indexed your show (remember, this can take a few days for new shows).

Note! If you see an error message when trying to generate the Google Podcasts link for your show, it just means Google has not found and indexed your show feed yet. (They will soon!)  

To speed up the indexing process, copy your show's RSS feed URL and visit pubsubhubbub.appspot.com. Enter your feed URL in the Topic URL field, and click the Publish button.

How to Add a Google Podcasts Badge to Your Show's Simplecast Site

Once you've generated the link to your show in Google Podcasts, copy it and go to the Show Distribution page in your Simplecast dashboard.

Click to expand the Google Podcasts box and paste in your show's Google Podcasts link. Enter your show's Google Podcasts URL to add a Google Podcasts badge to your show's Simplecast site.

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If You Have Your Own Custom Website (Not a Simplecast Site): 

Google requires that the show's website have a link to the show's RSS feed in the site's head section. All Simplecast sites meet this requirement, but if you are using your own website, you'll need to make sure to include the required link to ensure Google finds and adds your show to Google Podcasts. Here are instructions for how to ensure your site meets Google's requirements.

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