What is Google Podcasts?

  • Google Podcasts is a new podcast player for Android users that is built right into the Google search engine. You can subscribe to any podcast and download for offline listening using Google Podcasts.
  • Google Podcasts is not the same as Google Play Music. Google Play Music is its own podcast directory also owned by Google and is only available in the US & Canada.
  • Google Podcasts automatically indexes and lists your podcast while Google Play has a submission process similar to all of the other major podcast directories.

Automatic Listing on Google Podcasts (Released 3/27/2019)

  • You do not have to take any action in order to distribute your podcast to Google Podcasts - we take care of it automatically using PubSubHubbub (WebSub). 
  • You should see your show listed there within a few business days. 

Generate a Link to Google Podcasts

  • You can use Google’s tool to find and create a link to your podcast on Google Podcasts. 
  • Copy your Google Podcasts Link and go to 'Show Distribution' in your Simplecast dashboard and expand the Google Podcasts box where you can paste in your Google Podcasts link. The button 'Go To Google Podcast Direct Link Generator' will take you to the previously mentioned Google Tool to create a link. 
  • Entering the Google Podcasts URL in Show Distribution will add a 'Google Podcasts' button on your Simplecast.

Note: You will see an error message when trying to generate a link until Google Podcasts indexes your RSS Feed. Please contact support if you are seeing the error message for longer than expected or if you have questions or need help. 

Get Listed on Google Podcasts Using Your non-Simplecast Website

If you would like to place the HTML code on your own website, review and follow the Google Podcasts complete guide here.

Update Your Podcast on Google Podcasts

Automatic: Simplecast supports PubSubHubbub which means whenever you publish new episodes or make any changes to your show, Google Podcasts instantly and automatically updates. Changes happen in near real-time so there is nothing you need to do.

Manual: You can manually go to PubSubHubbub and enter your feed URL in the Topic URL field and click Publish to manually update your Google Podcasts listing or for troubleshooting purposes, but the Simplecast integration with PubSubHubbub should prevent the need for doing this.

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