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Does Simplecast Have an Official WordPress Plugin?
Does Simplecast Have an Official WordPress Plugin?

Is there a WordPress plugin for Simplecast? Is it possible to publish to a WordPress site from Simplecast?

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Q: Does Simplecast have a Wordpress Embed Short-code Plugin? 


The Simplecast Short-code plugin will enable you to embed the Simplecast Standard Web Player on (self-hosted) & WordPress VIP Go (enterprise hosting) websites.

  • If you have a self-hosted ( website, you can download the free Simplecast short-code plugin which will enable you to use the Embed Short Link to embed the Standard Web Player on pages or posts. 

  • To install the Simplecast WordPress short code plugin on website, visit and download the file.

  • Login to your website and upload the file plug-in, and activate the plugin.

  • Once you have installed and activated the plugin, you’ll be able to add the short code to any of your site’s content (pages/posts, etc). 

  • The short code looks like this:
    [simplecast-embed src="copy/paste Embed Short Link here"]

[simplecast-embed src=""]

****** Note: Use the iFrame embed code for the Mini & Show Player ******

Learn more about embed players:
How to Share and Embed Your Podcast Episodes


Q: Does Simplecast have a Wordpress plugin for publishing from Simplecast to Wordpress?

Not at this time. 

  • There is a free, third-party plugin called Simcast that will allow you to publish episodes to your WordPress site:

  • Simplecast is not affiliated with the Simcast plugin and does not provide support for the plugin. 

  • Please contact the developer with questions or support issues with Simcast.

Q: Is there another way to publish episodes on my WordPress website if I don't want to use the Simcast plugin?

Yes! It is a manual process, but it is pretty easy!

  • The best way to publish new episodes on your Simplecast is to add a new blog post and copy/paste your episode notes into the post.

  •  Paste the iFrame embed code in the 'Text Editor' for each episode or use if you have the Simplecast short-code plugin installed, you can paste in the Short Embed Link to embed the Standard Player. 

  • This will allow visitors to your site to listen and share your podcast directly from your WordPress website.

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