Simplecast’s embeddable audio players makes it easy for you to share your episodes on your current website, social media accounts or blog (i.e. Medium). 


Standard Simplecast Audio Player

Mini Simplecast Audio Player

Simplecast Show Player

Show Player Portrait Mode 

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Locating The Embed Players

You can find the embed code and sharing links for your episodes by clicking on the episode and underneath the Episode Promotion section on the right side.

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How To Share On Social Media

If you’d like to share your episode to social media such as Twitter or Medium, copy and paste the EMBED SHORT LINK.

To have the audio play at a specific location in the episode, select Start At and input a timestamp in the box to the right of it. Then select COPY and paste it onto your social post.

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How To Add A Player To Your Website

To add episodes of your show on your existing website, you can use the EMBED SHORT LINK (if your site supports it), or you can use one of the WEB PLAYER EMBEDS. Just copy the embed code and paste it anywhere you can add HTML code. 

Squarespace Websites

It's best to use Squarespace's </> Code block instead of their embed block to embed your podcast episode on your website.

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How To Customize The Embed Player

Here are several ways you can customize the Standard and Mini Simplecast players:

With one click you can easily toggle between the LIGHT or DARK themes.

Custom Color

Add your color to the player by:

  1. Click the CUSTOM COLOR slider to on.
  2. Then click the color box next to the hex color code (example: #FDF380) to expand color customization.
  3. Add your hex color or discover a color by sliding through the hues.
  4. Bonus: you can save your color by clicking on the + sign.

Depending on the theme you select, the episode information legibility changes. Here are a couple of suggestions:

  • For bright colored backgrounds select the LIGHT theme.
  • For dark colored backgrounds select the DARK theme.

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Additional Web Player Embed Features:

  • Beautiful, responsive design (looks great at all sizes, that includes mobile devices)
  • Easy access to sharing links for your listeners 
  • 4 playback speed options
  • 15 seconds forward or rewind
  • Subscribe buttons to your distribution channels (RSS and podcast directories)

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Embed Player FAQ

Are analytics tracked from the embed players?

A: Yes. All plays from your Simplecast embed players are tracked and added to your analytics. 

Are the analytics from my web players IAB compliant?

A: If you use Simplecast's web players, then they are IAB compliant. If you are using a custom audio player, you will need to follow these guidelines to ensure that your analytics are compliant.

Why don't these embed players work on Facebook or Linkedin?

A: These two platforms don't allow podcast audio players to function on their feeds. We will keep an eye out if or when they make this available.

We want to use our own design players, will plays still be counted in our Simplecast analytics?

If you use your Simplecast Direct MP3 Download Link, yes, analytics will be collected from that player.

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Still have questions? We'd be happy to answer them! You can start a live chat with someone from our support team by clicking on the chat icon down there on the right. 

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