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How to Delete or Cancel Your Simplecast Account
How to Delete or Cancel Your Simplecast Account

Want to close your Simplecast account? Here's how.

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We are sorry to see you go!

Step 1: Delete Show(s)

In order to delete your Simplecast account, you will first need to cancel or delete any shows you currently own. You can delete a show by clicking on the GEAR ICON in the upper lefthand corner of your dashboard, then clicking the REMOVE SHOW button at the bottom of the page.. We have a helpful article about how to delete a show on Simplecast here.

📌 Please note that deleting a show will permanently remove all of the show data from Simplecast, so be sure to download or copy any assets you'd like to keep (MP3 files, episode notes, analytics, etc) before you delete the show. Deleting a show will delete your billing and subscription information, so youwill no longer be billed for that show.

Step 2: Delete Account

Once you've deleted or canceled all the shows owned by your account, you can cancel your account from the Account Settings page .

Q: What happens when I delete my Simplecast account?

  • All of your information will be removed from our databases, including your email address, password, and profile image

  • Your billing information will be removed from Stripe (the payment processing software we use) 

  • You'll be removed from any other shows for which you're currently listed as a team member

  • You'll receive an email confirming that your account has been canceled 

Q: Can I redirect my show feed before deleting my show or account?

Yes, it's very easy to add a feed redirect to your show. You'll have the option to do so in the show deletion process, and the redirect will remain in place even after your show is deleted. You can also add the redirect prior to deleting the show if you prefer. Learn how to set up a 301 redirect here.

Q: Can I reactivate my account if the future if I want to come back to Simplecast?

Yes! If you'd like to reactivate your account in the future, reach out to our support team and they'll be able to help reactivate your account.

📌 Please note that show deletion is a permanent action. Neither you nor the Support Team will be able to reactivate your show once it's been deleted.

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