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Can I move my RSS feed away from Simplecast?
Can I move my RSS feed away from Simplecast?

How to move your show from Simplecast to a new podcasting platform.

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Need to move your show from Simplecast?

We are sad to see you go, but we understand that things happen. Rest assured, we make it very easy for you to set your 'new-feed-url,' (allowing for redirects to a new RSS feed). This is done with a 301 redirect so that podcast apps and directories like Apple Podcasts automatically make the switch to your new feed and you won't lose your subscribers. 

⚠️Warning: The 301 Redirect should be one of the last steps in moving your show. Once you create the 301 Redirect, your Simplecast RSS Feed will no longer be active and new episodes published in your Simplecast dashboard will not update the directories. You will publish new episodes from your new RSS Feed location once the redirect has been set and saved.

→ If you have any questions, please ask first.

How To Create a 301 Redirect on Simplecast:

  1. Log in to your Simplecast dashboard

  2. Click on the GEAR ICON in the upper lefthand corner dropdown menu

  3. Select DISTRIBUTION from the lefthand side menu

  4. Click on ADVANCED SETTINGS beneath your Main Feed URL

  5. Paste your new RSS feed URL into the RSS FEED REDIRECT field to properly redirect to your new podcast host.

  6. Click the SAVE button in the upper righthand corner

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Do 301 Redirects Expire?

Redirects stay in place permanently after closing a Simplecast account.

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