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  1. How to Set Default Pre-, Mid-, & Post-rolls (Show-Level)

How to Set Default Pre-, Mid- & Post-rolls in Show Settings

  • Select a show-level default for Pre-roll and Post-roll campaign markers (on or off)

  • Set show-level default Pre-, Mid-, & Post-roll Marker Limits (the number of Campaigns allowed per Marker)


  1. Click on the GEAR ICON in the upper lefthand corner dropdown menu

  2. Click on MARKERS in the lefthand side menu

  3. Under Marker Settings, proceed with the following for marker default options:
    - If you wish to add Pre-rolls to all new episodes by default, toggle 'Default Pre-roll' to "On."
    - If you wish to add Post-rolls to all new episodes by default, toggle 'Default Pre-roll' to "On."

  4. Under the Marker Limits, click on the dropdown menus to set the default number for Pre-, Mid-, and Post-roll markers (up to 5).

  5. As a safety precaution, you can also enable MARKER ALERTS to get an alert that requires confirmation for the number of mid-roll markers when publishing an episode.

Once you save these options, the next episode created will use the new default settings. Marker limits for Pre-, Mid- and Post-rolls can also be adjusted while creating a new episode if the limit needs to be changed.

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