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How long will it take Apple Podcasts to get my new episode?
How long will it take Apple Podcasts to get my new episode?

Publish a new episode? How long until it shows up in Apple Podcasts?

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How much time does it take for newly published episodes to appear in Apple Podcasts?

At times, Apple may take up to 24 hours to check your RSS feed for new episodes or changes, but in most cases, new episodes should appear in Apple Podcasts pretty quickly and often times within an hour or two.

Subscribers to your show using mobile podcast apps will receive new episodes and updates much faster than the time it will take the major directories to refresh.

💡Tip: Subscribe to your own show in Apple Podcasts or your preferred mobile podcast app to monitor publishing and updates made in your Simplecast dashboard. If you see the changes takes place as a subscriber you know all is working properly and just give the directories some time to refresh and update. 

RSS Feed & Syndication:

When you publish a new episode or make changes to your show or episode in the Simplecast dashboard, once you press 'Save', your RSS Feed updates immediately. When your RSS Feed changes, the major podcast directories you submitted your RSS Feed to (Apple Podcasts, Spotify, Google Podcasts, etc) will update your show listing automatically. This is called syndication and all made possible because of the RSS Feed. 

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How to Manually Refresh Feed in Apple Podcasts Connect:

To expedite the refresh of your show on Apple Podcasts or if updates or new episodes are not showing within 24 hours, you can visit your Apple Podcasts Connect dashboard to request a manual refresh of your RSS feed (see example screenshot below).

If you haven't yet submitted your show feed to Apple Podcasts yet, click here.

If you have any questions about your podcast on Apple Podcasts, please contact Apple.

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