Question: Can I publish a private episode that will not appear in Apple Podcasts or any of the major directories, but I can still share it to other places such as on Patreon?

Answer: Yes. 

  • Episodes marked a 'Private' will not be included in your RSS feed and will not be visible on your site or in embed players. 
  • You can share private episodes using the share menu options and take advantage of the Simplecast publishing tools, the embed players, Recast and most importantly, you still get analytics for private episodes.

How To Publish a Private Episode:

  1. Click the 'Add Episode' button in the top-right of your dashboard.
  2. Upload Audio File & Fill in All Sections.
  3. Scroll to 'Additional Options'.
  4. In 'Episode Privacy', click on toggle button so it turns green (This will hide the episode from your RSS feed, Simplecast site & all directories)
  5. Click 'Save Draft' and proceed to Publish & Schedule Screen.

Note: You can change a previously published episode from Public to Private at any time by going to 'Episodes' and clicking on episode thumbnail. Select 'Edit Details' and toggle-off Episode Privacy. (When public, the episode will get added to RSS Feed, Simplecast site, and will update in all directories).

How To Share a Private Episode:

  1. Click 'Episodes' in Menu Bar to view all episodes
  2. Click Episode Thumbnail labeled 'Private' and then click 'Edit' or,
  3. Click on the Quick Edit Menu (3 dots...) in the lower right corner of episode card
  4. Click 'Details & Sharing'
  5. Copy sharing link (see below for more descriptions).

Use this link to share private episode where you choose. It will automatically embed a player in Patreon, WordPress and most websites.


Customize the embed players or generate 'Recast' to share snippets of episodes.
For more information on Recast, click here

Social media sharing links or directly download the MP3 file to share via email, etc.

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